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With one click, you can help support RFOV’s 2017 trail work on Lower Plunge!

Aspen Trail Finder is awarding a $3,000 grant to the lucky winner of the ROFO Fund online poll. The Lower Plunge / Sunnyside Trail Reroute is one of three projects in the running for the grant.

You can vote once every 24 hours from February 14 through February 28, 2017. Forward this link and information for friends, family and co-workers and encourage them to vote every day!

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Lower Plunge / Sunnyside Trail Volunteer Reroute:  

Currently the lower portion of this popular trail in the beautiful Hunter Creek Valley near Aspen Colorado, traverses a wet meadow.  The trail through the meadow cannot be properly drained or maintained and there is resource damage due to trail braiding. (Trail braiding is caused by users creating parallel trails where the trail gets deep and muddy).

RFOV and our volunteers will work to reroute both forks of the very bottom of the Lower Plunge Trail (officially Sunnyside), out of the wet meadow onto dry terrain.  We will close and restore the old sections of trail.  The goal: A sustainable trail which creates a better experience for all trail users and protects our resources!

*Funds will help with project planning, recruiting and coordinating volunteers and food & beverage at the end of each evening project.*

Vote for the Lower Plunge Trail / Sunnyside!  Why?  Mountain Bikers and Hikers – because you love the Hunter Creek Valley Trail system and sustainable trails! Get behind this project and exercise your vote for Lower Plunge / Sunnyside Trail Reroute.

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Building More than Trails for 20 Years

“We’ve accomplished quite a lot since our first project season in 1995, when we had only three projects and 105 volunteers. Since that small start we have engaged more than 21,283 volunteers on a broad range of trail and conservation projects from Rifle to Aspen. ” David Hamilton, Executive Director