Upcoming Projects and Events

September 23rd: Prince Creek Trail Project (8:30am-5pm including dinner)

September 30th: New Castle Trail Project (8:30am-5pm including dinner)

October 7th: Prince Creek Trail Project (8:30am-5pm including dinner)

October 14th: Colorado River Trail Project (8:30am-5pm including dinner)

Prince Creek Trail Project – September 23

Our Prince Creek Trail project is back! This Saturday, we’re going to continue work on Prince Creek Trail until it’s a shiny, new trail. We’re building a trail along Prince Creek Road to take trail users off the heavily trafficked road as they make their way into The Crown trail system. If you’ve joined us on our Tuesday evenings, we hope you’ll help see this trail project through on Saturday, September 23rd and October 7th.

Registration starts at 8:30am, and we’ll be providing dinner and drinks around 4pm. Our registration tent will be located about 3 miles up Prince Creek Rd off Highway 133 — we’ll be where the paved road ends and the gravel begins. Bring water, a sack lunch, close-toed shoes, gloves (if you have them, we’ve got ’em if you don’t), and a rain jacket for possible small showers throughout the day. We’ve got dinner covered, which tastes even better after a hard day’s work.

Prince Creek Full Days Graphic1

New Castle Trail Project – September 30

It’s time for some work on the blossoming New Castle trail system. Volunteers will be building The Stairway to Heaven, which starts below Colorow and extends into the New Castle trails system to the east. This new trail will give users a nice, new alternative route as they make their way above New Castle.

Free dinner and drinks provided after the project day! Sign up here to get all the details you’ll need for the project.

2017 North of Colorow Trail Flier

A huge thanks to videographer Laurel Janeen Smith for shedding light on one of our biggest projects of the year. Check out our progress and work on Capitol Creek Trail:

Building More than Trails for 20 Years

“We’ve accomplished quite a lot since our first project season in 1995, when we had only three projects and 105 volunteers. Since that small start we have engaged more than 21,283 volunteers on a broad range of trail and conservation projects from Rifle to Aspen. ” David Hamilton, Executive Director