February 1, 2018

What to Expect at a Project

Never been to a project? No problem!

Roughly 50% of volunteers who give their free time to trail projects are first-timers. New to the valley? You'll meet some cool new folks who also love trails. Don't know what you're doing? Don't worry! Our Crew Leaders are at every project to help newcomers. Ask all the questions you need -- this is land stewardship, and we can't do it without you! 


It's wonderful to see your work when you use the trails.
-Michelle McClinton, Volunteer

What to Expect at a Public Project

When you arrive

Sign in at the registration tent and grab a name tag. We provide light snacks, fruit, juice, and coffee or tea to start your day. While you register, the Crew Leaders will be assembling the tools you’ll need for the day. You will be assigned to a crew based on the type of work you want to do. Your physical ability and experience are less important than your enthusiasm — jobs range from using a pick or rock bar, to trimming back vegetation, to kitchen crew. Your Crew Leader will help you choose the right job, and will demonstrate how to safely use, carry, and store the tools. Then it’s off to the work site.

What to Wear

They work best for changing temperatures throughout the day. Prepare for a chilly morning and a warmer afternoon (or vice versa for evening projects).


Shorts are not recommended. Long pants are the most practical for trail work where you could be kneeling or working your way through thick brush.


A sturdy pair of closed-toe shoes will help negotiate steep or rocky terrain and protect your feet.


A hat will keep the sun off your face in exposed environments.

What to Bring

Comfortable gardening or work gloves (we'll provide gloves if you don't have any)

Water — at least two 32-oz. containers | Light snacks to keep you going

Lunch in a temperature-controlled container

30 spf or higher sunscreen to wear all day

Rain gear — you never know with Colorado weather!

After the Project

Not only will you feel proud of what you've accomplished, but you'll also get dinner and beverages at every project! Consider it our welcome to the RFOV community. We also always welcome feedback with our evaluation surveys -- tell us what you thought of your first project experience!


A fact sheet with all the pertinent details you need will be emailed to you a week to ten days before the event you signed up for.