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What are these awards and who got 'em?

Every year, RFOV staff and our Volunteer Development Committee likes to recognize stand-outs from the public project season. These volunteers were notable throughout 2018, and they are a huge factor behind the success of our 23rd year as an organization. At our End of Season party, 75 people helped us celebrate their accomplishments! We wanted to share a bit more about each volunteer who made an impression.

Ambassador of the Year Award: Anne Gonzales

Volunteer on Skyline Ridge Trail Reroute
Anne was the Ambassador for multiple projects, including Skyline Ridge (pictured here). She was the behind-the-scenes force to making the projects run smoothly.

We had so many great folks join us as Ambassadors this year, and this award winner was no exception. Anne Gonzales was nominated due to her willingness to step in on Tuesday evening projects as well as helping new Ambassadors learn the ropes. Anne has been involved with RFOV for many years, but she jumped into the Ambassador role this year and helped fill in when we needed the most help. Some honorable mentions for Ambassadors who really helped with RFOV's behind-the-scene promotion and outreach are Helen Carlsen and Chris McKelvey!

Crew Leader of the Year Award: Ericka Crampton

Ericka at RFOV's Crew Leader Training helping build drainage for a trail on Prince Creek

Awarded to a Crew Leader who exceeded expectations as a volunteer and helped lead crews. Ericka Crampton was chosen thanks to her valuable work on Red Hill, where she flawlessly directed difficult and technical rock work. Ericka became a Crew Leader after attending our training in April, and we're so happy to have her on board!

Partner of the Year: Aspen Valley Land Trust

Photo of rock wall at Red Hill project
Photo taken by Matt from AVLT showing a rock wall built on Red Hill's new access trail

This award is given to an agency or partner who helps facilitate our projects and rally volunteers, promote projects, or is simply supportive of our crew. This award was given to Aspen Valley Land Trust (AVLT) for their incredible work on the Red Hill project, making a huge trail build flow seamlessly over the course of 5 weeks. AVLT also helped organize a Red Hill party at Marble Distilling Co., where we were able to celebrate the donors, volunteers, and other contributors of the Red Hill project.

Pulaski Award: Jim Klein

Jim Klein, in green, helps install rock steps on the Thomas Lakes trail

Given to the volunteer who attended the most public projects during the 2018 public project season. This year's winner is Jim Klein, who attended 9 public projects between May and October! Our honorable mentions are: John Campbell, Cathie Ennis, and Don Shinault who followed closely behind!

Volunteer of the Year: Trey Barnes

Trey Barnes, seen in the orange jacket, lays down the law at our Crooked Creek Wetlands project

We nominated Trey Barnes for this award because Trey volunteered in so many different and unique ways throughout the year. From becoming a Crew Leader early in the Spring to spearheading an outreach event and Group Work Day with Aspen Trailheads to even designing a graphic for our annual newsletter, Trey quite literally did it all. Trey was a great addition to the crew this year!

Young Steward Award: Spencer Ellsperman

In 2005, Spencer joined his dad and brother on his first ever trail project!

We're honored to highlight the work of Spencer Ellsperman, a high school senior who has been volunteering with us for over a decade now. Spencer has devoted the last four summers working with RFOV through PREP and helped to coordinator PREP’s participation with RFOV this summer. He’s also worked with us through the Buddy Program in Basalt, and has been an extraordinary influence on other young stewards. We're excited to see the great contributions that Spencer will bring to public lands.

Volunteers at the Silt River Preserve Project
Volunteers at Skyline Ridge Trail Reroute Project

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