May 29, 2012

Youth Advisory Council

Make a difference in your community:
Become a leader in outdoor stewardship!

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[li]Do you want to share your passion for the outdoors with other kids?[/li]
[li]Do you want to give back to the land and our community?[/li]
[li]Are you interested in learning to envision, develop, and implement meaningful programs?[/li]

Join RFOV’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC)!
(applications are accepted year-round)


The Youth Advisory Council will define and support the development of the Young Stewards Initiative, RFOV’s youth outdoor service-learning program, whose mission is to instill a lifelong sense of stewardship of public lands in today’s youth. The Youth Advisory Council provides opportunities to engage, educate, and empower youth in outdoor stewardship projects that strengthen their connection to the community and public lands.


YAC members:

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[li]Design and implement outdoor stewardship projects for their schools[/li]

[li]Plan RFOV’s annual Youth OWN-IT  Summit in May[/li]

[li]Lead elementary school projects during the summer[/li]


YAC members also:
[li]Collaborate with local nonprofits, educators, and conservation organizations[/li]
[li]Work closely with other youth leaders[/li]

[li]Build leadership and communication skills[/li]

[li]Research, analyze, and address the importance of outdoor service for today’s youth[/li]

[li]Advocate for youth’s role in creating a strong and sustainable community[/li]

[li]Learn to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our programs[/li]

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Stewardship is the careful and responsible management of something of value.[/one_half_last]

If you are a Roaring Fork Valley student entering middle school or high school in the fall of 2014, we invite you to apply for membership on the Youth Advisory Council.  Terms on the council are one year with the potential to remain for subsequent years.  Council members will meet on average once a month, as well as participate in two RFOV service projects per year.

If you are interested, we invite you to apply to become a participant in this program.

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[li]Download and submit the Youth Advisory Council Application.[/li]

To submit an application or for more information, contact Jared McDaniel, RFOV Youth Coordinator, at 970.927.8241 or