March 14, 2012

Climb For Trails

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Support the trails — while you use them!


Started in 2013, Climb For Trails is a summer-long fundraiser for Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV). Individuals and teams hike, bike or run to the top of their community’s favorite trail. They make a pledge and gather sponsors to make a pledge for each of their climbs to raise money for trail and restoration projects.

The event purpose is threefold:

  • to promote and provide fun incentives for participant’s health and wellness by getting them out more often climbing, biking, and running on our valley’s most popular trails;
  • to increase exposure and awareness of RFOV’s mission to engage our community in the stewardship of our trails and public lands;
  • to raise money to support RFOV projects and programs.

Our previous signature event– the popular Town to Town Tour, a cross-country ski tour from Aspen to Basalt on the Rio Grande Trail – turned out not to be viable due to weather uncertainty; we gathered a group of dedicated volunteers to brainstorm and came up with a bigger, better idea: Climb For Trails! Climb for Trails is a season long event and much better aligned with what RFOV actually does- Trails.

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The event concept is modeled on another that takes place in Jackson Hole on the main skill hill (King Mountain) called Climb the King.  Their event completed year seven and has been widely embraced by their community.  In 2012 they had 840 climbers including 58 teams make 9,001 climbs. We estimate that our regional community is about two and a half times larger than greater Jackson Hole, so our goal is to have 2,000 climbers participating by 2015 or 2016!

We hope all of you will join us in climbing our community’s most popular trails in 2014 to support trail and restoration projects throughout the Roaring Fork Valley!



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