February 9, 2018

Group Work Days

Group Work Days

A customized trail project for businesses, clubs, and organizations

Get your business or group involved in a trail project

Take ownership of your favorite public lands by holding a trail work day with your organization or business!

Citizen involvement is needed to help maintain, enhance and preserve the more than 1,000 miles of trails located in our regional community of Rifle to Aspen. With RFOV, groups such as clubs, schools, and businesses engage in volunteer service projects that tackle smaller projects on specific trails, parks, or river-front parcels. We provide the technical assistance, tools, and logistical support to help your group plan and accomplish each successful trail work day. You provide the volunteers and sponsorship. Groups can get involved for a full or half-day project or commit to adopt an area and perform small projects 3 times a year!

Why a Group Work Day?

It's fun! You'll be working with your friends, coworkers, and colleagues to create a legacy in our trail systems. Group Work Days are a great way to get everyone in the office involved, and if you're looking to build a sense of community within the workplace, this is a fun way to do so. Your team will have tremendous satisfaction in helping to preserve our public lands and recreational opportunities.

What do you need? 

Recruit a small group of people (minimum 6-8 co-workers / members / staff) to perform maintenance work for a half or full-day on a specific trail.

You can manage and organize your events by promoting, recruiting, and rewarding your volunteers with a lunch or dinner at the end of the day as a way of thanking them for their hard work and commitment. You may also want to reward them with a special tee shirt, hat, etc., such as ‘Pomeroy Sports Trail Crew’.

Where does RFOV come in? 

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers will work with your group to facilitate the organization of your program in several ways:

  • Coordinate your activities with the appropriate land management agency and other groups
  • Lend tools
  • Train your group leaders (and provide supervision and leadership while you work)
  • Provide a model and consulting to organize your program
  • Work to publicize your efforts.

We ask that businesses become a member of RFOV at the $250 level to participate in our Group Work Day Program. If you are a non-profit or informal group, we can work within your budget.

To schedule a work day for your organization, business, school or other group, contact RFOV at info@rfov.org or 970.927.8241.


Have a favorite trail that you'd like to care for? Adopt it!

Love a trail? Want to make sure it's taken care of? 

We love it when groups adopt a trail. That means more land stewards, and ultimately, happier public land. To adopt a trail, we ask that your group cares for the trail 3 times every year -- that can be trail maintenance, trail cleanup, etc. You can also sponsor a trail by supporting RFOV and we'll make sure it gets the love and care it needs.

Adopt-a-Trail sponsors will have a sign put up at the local trailhead with your business or group name.

Contact us, and we'll get you started on adopting your favorite trail!


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Every group gets an "Adopt-a-Trail Sign" at their adopted trailhead!