March 14, 2012

Join A Committee

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No matter your age or talent, you can do something really important!

RFOV has a number of additional behind-the-scenes teams that help make our organization tick. You can lend your special skills or pick up some new ones. And joining an RFOV committee is a great way to meet new friends from all over the valley.

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[li]Volunteer Development Committee: Help recruit and promote volunteerism within RFOV and our various programs. This committee organizes volunteer recognition activities, reaches out to businesses and organizations, manages the Ambassador Program, and provides volunteer support on RFOV projects.  Contact: Rachael Madison, 970-927-8241 or[/li]
[li]Project Selection Committee: Help solicit and select prospective projects in the Valley! Project team researches potential projects, evaluates their merit, and discusses their benefits to our mission and our community. Contact: Ryan Vugteveen,[/li]
[li]Marketing and Publications Committee: Enjoy creative writing or public speaking? This committee develops marketing pieces—written, oral and visual—for the organization. The group coordinates the newsletter and sets up promotional talks with local organizations. Contact: Regan Hann at[/li]




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[list type=”plus”][li]Special Events Committee: This new committee is developing a signature fundraising event that aligns with our mission. If you have ideas and/or experience with event management, we’d love to hear from you. Contact: David Hamilton, 927-8241,[/li]
[li]Tools: A volunteer crew is only as effective as the tools they’re using. Twice a year, or as needed, the Tool Committee sharpens picks and pruners and makes sure that shovels won’t fly off the handle. Contact: Mark Schuemaker, 945-5776 or[/li][/list]