August 19, 2013

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This is our story.

We work hard, carve out sustainable trail, connect with our landscape, restore trails, laugh with our crew,  plant wetlands, catch glimpses of wildlife,  build rock walls,  rest to admire a wildflower, remove invasive species, meet like-minded folks, and push through our fatigue to finish the day strong,and celebrate afterward with a hearty dinner and good beer.

All the while, we like to capture images that demonstrate the volunteer experience and the natural world that inspires us do the work that we do… to be stewards of our trails & public lands.
[blockquote align=”undefined”]A photo is worth a thousand words…[/blockquote]


[icon_box title=”Public Projects” caption=”Our public projects provide an opportunity for community members to engage in trail and restoration projects with long-lasting results. Each year, RFOV hosts 9 to 12 sizable projects which are 1-4 days in duration and open to the public.  ” icon=”camera” url=””][/icon_box]

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[icon_box title=”Youth Projects, Programs & Activities” caption=”We involve youth in hands-on conservation projects so they experience the satisfaction that comes from the hard work of accomplishing a community project, with a mission to develop a life-long sense of stewardship for our public lands in today’s youth.” icon=”camera” url=””][/icon_box]

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[icon_box title=”Group Work-Day & Adopt- A Trail Projects” caption=”Local groups take ownership of their trails & public lands by holding trail work days with their club, organization or business! Some even make a long term commitment and adopt-a-trail.” icon=”camera” url=””][/icon_box]

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Got pics? Share your images, we’d love to see them!