Enter RFOV’s Annual Photo Contest

Show us your unique vision of our public lands and projects!

2012 Best Landscape Shot, by Lisa Cashel

Hit us with your best shots: RFOV’s Annual Photography Contest

A great photo is a really effective way to communicate where, why, and how RFOV does what we do. We use photos for newsletters, print ads and posters, educational purposes, and of course, the website. RFOV’s annual photo contest is a great way for you as a volunteer to show us what’s interesting and engaging about our projects, public lands, and fellow volunteers. We’re looking for your best shots in several categories:

  • Best Overall Shot
  • Best Group Volunteer Shot
  • Best Individual Volunteer Shot
  • Best Project Shot
  • Best Landscape Shot
  • Funniest Shot
  • 2012 Best Group Volunteer Shot, by Jim Gilchrist

    Some ideas for shots within the main categories:

    • Larger group gathered together (happy, celebrating at the end of the project day)
    • Individual or small group at work
    • Nature and scenic shots (landscapes and closeups of wildflowers or interesting natural features)
    • People in the distance with a stunning background
    • Interesting photos of tools
    • Before and after pics of project/trail work (taken from the same distance and angle)

    Description and Rules

    1.The contest, open to all volunteers and members, welcomes photographs of RFOV’s 2014 projects and project sites, including the volunteers, the work, the trails, the mountains, the landscapes, the views, the tools, the camaraderie, the hard work, the fun, the food and anything else that captures the essence of why we do what we do.

    2012 Best Project Shot, by Shaine Ebrahimi

    2. Winning entries will be displayed and prizes will be awarded at RFOV’s Volunteer Recognition Party in late October for (1) Best overall shot, (2) Best  group volunteer shot, (3) Best individual volunteer shot, (4) Best project shot, (5) Best landscape shot and (6) Funniest shot.

    3.  Entries should be digital format, and may be submitted via email (rfov@sopris.net) or via regular mail on a CD (RFOV, P.O. Box 1341, Basalt, CO  81621)—no slides or prints, please.  Entries may be color or black & white and should be between 1 and 5MB for adequate (but not overwhelming) resolution. Images submitted that are smaller than 600 by 400 pixels may be rejected. The deadline for entries is September 30, 2014.

    4. Please include the following with your entry:  (1) Your name, address, telephone number, and email address, (2) the project name, date and location of each shot, (3) the names of any individuals in the shot (if applicable and if you have them), and (4) any other information that will help us appreciate the shot.

    5. By submitting to this contest, you agree that your photos can be used, but not limited to, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers publications and website. The photographer retains all copyrights.

    A few tips for taking great photos

      Lighting/framing your shot

    • Keep the sun behind you.
    • Try not to take a photo of someone in the shade when you are in the sun.
    • Try for an interesting background.
    • While shooting in the shade up close — Be sure to use a flash.

      Capturing your subject

    • Try to get larger group shots with everyone smiling (it’s okay to pose your shot).
    • Take close-up or individual shots with your angle focused on your subject’s face (avoid backs of heads and butts if possible).
    • Sunglasses should be off, and hats pushed back so they don’t shade faces.

    2011 Best Project Shot, by Doug Foster


    Prizes to be announced!