May 9, 2012

Become An Ambassador

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Are you a people person? Is a full day’s trail work too much for you? Do you like to greet people, take pictures, chat with folks, and share goodies? Then we have a role for you!

[line]The RFOV Ambassadors Program began in 2005 as a way to more effectively recruit project day volunteers into further involvement with RFOV, enhance the volunteer’s experience that day, and help RFOV evaluate that experience. Ideally an RFOV Ambassador has a personable and engaging personality with sufficient knowledge about RFOV to describe and answer questions about our programs and mission.



The program has expanded to include three distinct activities:

Project Day Ambassadors

One or two Ambassadors are present on each RFOV project day to:

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[li]Help with volunteer registration[/li]
[li]Distribute drinks and snacks during the project[/li]
[li]Engage the volunteers in conversation about RFOV and the volunteers’ experience and feedback[/li]
[li]Recruit volunteers for RFOV committees, Crew Leader training, membership and other activities[/li]
[li]Solicit and collect volunteer evaluations[/li][/list]

Trailhead Tables

One or two Ambassadors staff a shift at the most popular trailheads to make contact with our primary constituency: trail users. Ambassadors will:

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[li]Greet trail users[/li]
[li]Hand out snacks and water[/li]
[li]Hand out RFOV information[/li]
[li]Answer questions about the trail, RFOV projects and opportunities[/li]
[li]Recruit volunteers[/li][/list][/one_half]


Road Show Presenters

One or two Ambassadors present the RFOV Road Show to interested groups to:

[list type=”small-plus”]
[li]Raise our public profile and create more awareness of RFOV[/li]
[li]Hand out RFOV information[/li]
[li]Recruit volunteers[/li]
[li]Recruit groups[/li][/list]

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Please email or call 927-8241 to sign-up as an RFOV Ambassador!