March 13, 2012

Get Involved


RFOV’s mission is to involve the citizens (and visitors) of the Roaring Fork regional community of Aspen to Rifle in the stewardship of public lands by creating volunteer opportunities for trail work and conservation projects. The primary method for accomplishing our mission is to have volunteers participate directly in projects, creating sustainable trails and restoring impacted areas.  RFOV also uses these projects and activities to educate the volunteers, and indirectly, the general public through our publications and media reports about our community’s responsibility to preserve “our backyard.”

[blockquote author=”Amy Barrow” align=”right”]The primary method for accomplishing our mission is to have volunteers participate directly in projects.”[/blockquote]

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RFOV programs include:

[list type=”plus”][li]Projects – RFOV selects, develops and conducts volunteer projects that engage our community in trail & restoration projects with long-lasting results. These projects are typically 1-4 days in duration and involve 25 to 90 volunteers per day. Click here to view our 2017 Project Schedule[/li]

[li]Evening Projects – As a sub-program of our public projects, our evening projects offer volunteer opportunities on weekdays after work. In 2017, evening volunteers will spend Tuesdays rerouting the Skyline Ridge Trail in Sky Mountain Park and helping build a new single-track trail for The Crown Trail System. Click here for more info about this season’s evening projects in Sky Mountain Park.[/li]

[li]Group Work Days/Adopt-A-Trail – RFOV works with clubs, schools, and businesses and coordinates volunteer service projects including annual maintenance and improvements to specific trails, parks, or river-front parcels. Each group must recruit 8 to 12 volunteers. We provide the tools, leadership and expertise. If desired, groups can commit to adopt an area and perform 2-3 small projects a year! Learn how your group can participate.[/li]

[li]Crew Leader Training – We offer two annual trainings that provide crew leaders with the skills and knowledge to ensure that our project volunteers enjoy a safe, quality experience and complete work to the highest construction and safety standards. This program introduces potential crew leaders to RFOV’s model, projects, leadership basics, trail construction techniques, and other technical skills. Find out more about becoming an RFOV Crew Leader.[/li]

[li]Young Stewards Initiative – RFOV’s youth coordinator involves kids, aged 6 to 18, in hands-on conservation projects and teaches them about the philosophy, history, and the way that public lands work, with a mission to develop a life-long sense of stewardship for our public lands. Learn more about RFOV’s youth programs.[/li]

[li]Lending Resources -Already equipped with the tools, knowledge, and expertise, RFOV lends these resources to organizations interested in performing trail, restoration, and/or conservation projects.[/li]