February 5, 2018

Crew Leader Training

Crew Leader Training

Use your leadership skills to ensure volunteers enjoy a quality experience, and help us make sure the work is done to the highest construction and safety standards. RFOV's Crew Leader Training is taught by several RFOV Crew Leaders who have gained their experience through work with the Forest Service, BLM, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC), and RFOV. They are eager to work with you, teach you the techniques, and share their knowledge and experience.

Two Saturday/Sunday sessions are planned each project season. Each round of crew leader training includes a two-hour indoor class introducing the trainees to RFOV's mission, goals and crew leader program; the season's projects; how projects are run; leadership basics; and a technical preview.

During the field session, trainees practice their newly acquired crew leading skills and learn trail construction techniques.


Crew Leader Training

Sat., April 27 & Sun., April 28

Location: TBA


Crew Leader Training

Sat., June 29 & Sun., June 30

Location: TBA



Graduating to Crew Leader

To graduate to crew leader, all trainees should demonstrate good skills and knowledge in these areas: leadership and team-building, safety; the RFOV organization, and technical skills. Our crew leaders are extremely important to RFOV. As our primary representative to the project day volunteer, we count on them to be positive, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic volunteer leaders.

Our instructors will apprise you of your status after any training event you attend, and an instructor will work with you on any project you attend until you graduate to crew leader. Since we always need more crew leaders to conduct our projects, we will encourage you to get to crew leader status as quickly as possible, but we also want you to be comfortable in this role. Take your time! Your involvement and contribution to our mission of stewardship for our public lands is appreciated.

For those of you attending our training as part of RFOV's Adopt-A-Trail Program or as an outside agency, please bear with us as we cover RFOV's internal operations. Also, please take advantage of opportunities to improve your leadership and trail skills. Our short course is intended to give you a good start to becoming a crew leader.

The Crew Leader Manual 

Rather than reinventing the wheel, we are using VOC's Crew Leader Manual as our own. While there are some differences between the VOC and RFOV programs, generally you can substitute RFOV for VOC in the text. The sections on VOC's crew leader program and project team positions are the most different from ours. The chapters on safety, leadership, tools, and technical are perfect for our needs.

If you have any questions, please call 970-927-8241 or email rfov@sopris.net.