Jun 26 2012

Basalt Bridge Project a Huge Success!

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One of our best attended projects in our 17 year history, the Basalt Bridge Project was a huge success! Over 70 volunteers showed up to help beautify and complete bridge enhancements.

This project was our first “Family-friendly project” where our Youth Coordinator, Hannah Lippe delegated important and age-appropriate tasks to the kids and broke up the day with swell-deserved fun and educational outdoor activities. Lots of kids pleaded to stay all day to participate in the fun activities.

Project Description & History

The old bridge across the Roaring Fork River near the 7-11 in Basalt has long been closed to vehicle traffic but is still a vital artery for pedestrians and cyclists. Volunteers helped build benches, platforms and planters to create a public space where the public can enjoy the river.

The Basalt Avenue Bridge (which is also known as the Emma Bridge or the 7-11 Bridge) is one of the most important pedestrian and bicycle connections in Basalt and offers ome of the best views up and down the Roaring Fork River. It was the main highway bridge across the river before the Midland Avenue Bridge was built in the 1990s. The Town recently installed landscape improvements on the southern approach to the bridge; however, the bridge was one of the least attractive pedestrian connections in town.

In 2011, a handful of residents and a local businessman expressed interest in improving the existing bridge and an informal committee was formed. The committee produced a conceptual design for the bridge improvements and the Town authorized a 2012 budget expenditure for the project. The plan is to install risers, planters and bench platforms on the bridge to create a public space where one can enjoy the river and improve the aesthetics of this important corridor.

The bridge isn’t quite done yet, but will be soon!

Next time you’re in Basalt, come by and check it out!