October 19, 2015

RFOV Committee Members


Volunteer Development Committee
Provides volunteer support, arranges volunteer recognition events and manages RFOV’s Ambassador and Trailhead Table Programs.

Susan Cross
Eileen Wysocki
Julia Larson
Brenna Owens

Development Committee
Solicits donors and brainstorms ways of bringing in more contributions and sponsorships.

Jamin Heady-Smith
Ryan Vugteveen

Marketing & Publications Committee
Develops marketing materials from concept to completion, coordinates seasonal newsletters, volunteer recruitment manterials, press releases and donor appeals.

Rebecca Moller
Regan Hann


Project Selection Committee
Researches and evaluates prospective projects in the Roaring Fork Valley from Rifle to Aspen

Ryan Vugteveen
Helen Carlsen
Charlie Eckart
Randy Gold
John Wilkinson

Tool Committee
Keeps our tools in tip-top shape, determine tool needs and maintain an adequate inventory.

Mark Schuemaker, Chair
Michael Hutton



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