March 14, 2012

Our Achievements

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Key Facts & Figures

(end of 2011 project season)

Since 1995, RFOV has:

[list type=”small-plus”][li]Completed 147 projects[/li]
[li]Engaged over 13,750 volunteers, including 1,400 youth[/li]
[li]Repaired and improved more than 256 miles of trail[/li]
[li]Built 29 miles of new trail[/li]
[li]Planted 11,200 trees & shrubs and 11 acres of wetlands[/li]
[li]Completed projects worth several million dollars in value to our trails and public lands[/li]
[li]Had at least two couples meet on an RFOV project and get married[/li][/list]

RFOV currently has:

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[li]Over 400 individual and family members, the most in RFOV’s history[/li]
[li]17 groups involved in our Group Work Day and Adopt-A-Trail programs, with over 38 work days in 2011, also a record high[/li]
[li]40 volunteer Crew Leaders[/li]
[li]65 volunteers serving on 7 committees[/li]
[li]A full-time Executive Director and four part-time staff members[/li]
[li]A budget of $300,000, up from $200,000 in 2009[/li]
[li]Financial support from government / land management agencies (35%), individuals (25%), foundations (20%), businesses and organizations 20%)[/li]
[li]62 volunteer days in the field, up from 39 in 2010 and 23 in 2009[/li]


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Other Facts

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[li]RFOV was founded in 1995[/li]
[li]We perform trail and restoration projects on public lands in the Roaring Fork, Crystal, Fryingpan & Colorado River Valleys[/li]
[li]In a typical year we conduct 10-12 public projects (some lasting several days) and oversee dozens of groups (including school classes, businesses and non-profits) on outdoor service projects.[/li]
[li]For every “hard” dollar that RFOV receives, $3-4 in value goes back to our trails and public lands[/li][/list]

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