March 14, 2012

Mission, Vision & Guiding Principles


Our Mission:
RFOV promotes stewardship of our public lands by engaging the community in volunteer trail and restoration projects.


Our Vision:
The preservation and enhancement of our natural surroundings is the responsibility of every member of our regional community. Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers empowers our community to create a lasting legacy for future generations.


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Guiding Principles:


Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers will:

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[li]Select and complete long-lasting projects on public lands throughout our region.[/li]

[li]Provide a satisfying volunteer experience that is safe, well-organized, and fun.[/li]

[li]Create and foster partnerships between land management agencies and the community.[/li]

[li]Involve and recognize volunteers as an essential component of our success.[/li]

[li]Educate members of the community to appreciate the value of sustainable trails and good stewardship ideals.[/li]


[blockquote author=”Mark Schuemaker” align=”right”]It’s the most fun I’ve ever had getting dirty![/blockquote]



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