March 14, 2012



How do you choose the projects that volunteers work on?

Our Project Selection Committee works with land management agencies, conservation organizations, and other project partners to develop and conduct volunteer projects with long-lasting results. Our projects are one to seven days in duration and typically involve 25 to 75 volunteers each.

Do the projects take a full day?

We schedule a variety of projects each season to accommodate the busy schedules of our volunteers, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy your handiwork! In addition to our flagship full-day projects (usually on Saturday), we schedule two to three half-day projects for National Trails Day each June. If weekends don’t work for you, we also have a series of weekday evening projects from 5 p.m. until dusk.

How do I volunteer for a project?

Easy! Click here, complete the sign-up, and we will confirm your signup by return email. A few days before the project you’ll receive another email with details about the project day and times.



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Is there an age limit for volunteers?

Unless otherwise stated in the project description, anyone 12 years and over can volunteer for most projects, and some are suitable for younger children, too. Parental permission is required for volunteers under 18 years old. Our Young Stewards Initiative offers opportunities for children and teens to volunteer, have fun and learn about stewardship and our public lands..

Do I have to be a member to volunteer?

No, you can still volunteer for any RFOV project or committee. But we hope you’ll become one soon! Your annual membership helps maintain and enhance our local trails, and is a powerful demonstration of our community’s support for RFOV. To become a member click here.

Can I join RFOV or renew my membership online?

Yes you can. Click here to use your credit card, or simply print and mail this form.

There’s a special trail that I use a lot. Can I sign up to help maintain it on a regular basis?

Yes! Our Adopt-a-Trail program is tailor-made you. If we don’t already have a group that has adopted your favorite trail, you can help us form one!



Can I bring my dog?

To insure the safety of your pet and our volunteers, pets are not permitted on RFOV projects.

Are there other ways I can help besides working on a trail or conservation project?

Yes! RFOV depends on our core committees to do marketing and publicity, recruit and place volunteers, maintain tools, and organize special events. We’d also appreciate your help in the office if you have computer skills or would like to assist with mass mailings. Give us a call t 970.927-8241, or get in touch by email at


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