March 13, 2012

About Us


[blockquote author=”Margaret Mead”]Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.[/blockquote]

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Essentials of RFOV…


Our Mission: RFOV promotes stewardship of our public lands by engaging the community in volunteer trail and restoration projects.

Our Vision: The preservation and enhancement of our natural surroundings is the responsibility of every member of our regional community. Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers empowers our community to create a lasting legacy for future generations.

How RFOV began…


RFOV was founded in 1995 by a small group of locals who saw the need for a volunteer organization to work in partnership with the public agencies and municipalities that manage, preserve and protect our public lands. Our goal was to support these land managers, as well as conservation-minded organizations, by providing a foundation of expertise and resources to complete high-quality, tangible projects. Built on the successful model of the Appalachian Trail Club and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, RFOV uses community involvement and a “hands-on” method to foster a sense of stewardship of our abundant natural areas.

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